Saturday, April 11, 2009

Eventful day, with battling the weather and meeting up with everyone, it ended up fun.
Jay came through and blessed the Custom 610 hat.

Packing up the Baby moblie, stroller, boards, check..

Baby seat, check. With what, another custom 610 hat. These 610 hats are fire. I witness this first hand yesterday while out shredding the street of allentown. Some guy came over to me and asked to see my hat and what was up with it. Said, they were andy colbert customs and sold at Hombase, stocked and made daily.

We met up with kyle at some school in town.


After kyle handled that at the school we rolled around and found some street gap.

Flat bar.. Ehhhh

Nice gap out to rail.

Luke is always down to help make a spot happen.

Bump over bar, no big deal.

Kyle gets gnarlyy

Ballins aka bob vila


The clams are bangin at stahleys. The way this picture looks of the clams is how i felt last night. Fogged..

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