Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hill bombs

Get some

Cute designs

Many miles

Wharf life

Now pay me

Stunner shades

My chocolate fix



Such good money

Sounds fun

Ohhhh yeeeaaaahhhh

Now screammm

Almost over

Its a wrap

And it went like this

Painted ladies

What Mike thought of them

Bay shit


Golden Gate

Hey bros

No, over here

The homies

Bridge of death

Friday, March 25, 2011

Oh hey what up Wes

Sure is the water


Got sumthing

Rock bottom

Buck at it

Freak zone


Pizza everywhere

Still not full

Some nice photos their Mike

Night shows

Stop looking at me like that

Sweet paint job

Thuggin Luke

Just another morning

Where are we eating at

A friendly visit

Wally world

Soooo good

Party van

Met some homies at potrero

Good to know

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

5 Am sharp

And were late


Not so much the red wine I was looking for

Morning hot dog and a mixie for Dustin

Airport sewing kit

Now how do you sew

Fueling up

Some 30 rock on the way

Flight soda


San Jose

Driving tunes

Welcome letter

Pay attention

A little shredding

Funny to see you out here


Go Joe

First taco spot of the trip

Bro down

Fish and veggies

Waking up to the Tsunami


Lets roll

Sign me up

Street tacos

Be smart

Rock spot