Sunday, April 26, 2009

Nate's dog chilling

Kyle working his head smack off with a sippy.

Kurtz, you need to chill with that.

Mike keeping his cool in the crowd.

Nik is always psyched

Yes Dustin, we all know you ride for homebase, neff and skullcandy.


Colbert learned it was better to cop 2 margaritas.


, Ray started smoking and drinking.


Dustina's new fashion statement

Wes Buck dont give a

OG Mel

bubs putting in work

supermarket stop

Wes thought it would be a great idea to pass around the jack.

I guess juggling is whats in these days

Nothing like some sweet ol jack.

Yeah, this stuff kinda burns

Whats do you mean it burns


Hank tate

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