Thursday, April 9, 2009

A little day trip we took out to reading.

Sweet street gap.


NONO poaching my shit, dude i got it first.

So.. You want me to film it like, how?

Colby up on the wall, literally he is..

Josh still poaching my shit.. Quit it guy.

Ok.. Now we have this lady who thought she was a real cop. Little did she know that the guy inside didnt care we were skating outside of his place, until she had to make a fuss about (what do you mean you dont care they are skating outside here). So she had to D.I.D it and act like authority and toss us.

Wow, Maria's pizza shop doesnt play around with their slices.

Your one slice comes cut like two. Then you have yourself saying to the guy i only ordered one.

Some buck hunter while our pizza is digesting