Thursday, September 10, 2009

YupYup.. PA camping trip

Crossing the waaaaaaaaater.

Tent island

Swaggy fire pit

Gonna need more wood, bros.

Island party jumping

The crew that is on the island for the night.

Eric and bubs showing up, natty light, niiiice..

What was i doing again.

The island organizer himself, kurtz.

What, i dont have the tape.

Kurtz getting his staff on.

Cute chair guys.

Whats going on over there..



Steady blogging

Rachel, the most drunk person on the island

Bro down

Salty face

Cheesing and the straight face


Getting the tunes in order

Busch, the drink of champions

Moshing up the fire pit, no biggie.

Brendan looking for some treasure

Rubber band fight

Cleaning ashes off with some brew, niiiiice

Bubba lending a hand

mmmmmm mmmmmmm bitches..

Ugh face

V with the pep talk

Wes singing the blues.

WTF, i have no idea what i was taking a picture of here.
One of those nights.





Get this shit out of here.


Bro'in down

I think he had a little to much to drink

psssssh, these guys brought tents.

Now this shit is scary

JO'ing in V's face.

Nature boy

Mike getting the fire started right.

Flame on!

Take that bitchessss

This guy didnt need a tent either.

Luke killing the salsa


Someone was keeping count

The look from my tent when the sun came out.

Mike the wizard

After island party nap

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