Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fully packed

Putting up tents in the dark and rain, whateves.

Smores make everyone smile.

Luke is happy

Cross bloggin

Dam smores are messsy.

Jameson Party

Ok handle that face.

Psyched face

Cute face

I guess face

Got this face

JO face

Hey face

No biggie.

Ugh face

You again face

Kurtz was giving out rides.


Two heads in a little beenie.

Katie jumped in on the ride sesh


O no face

The bathroom was the spot to dry up.

Grilling the whole weekend.

Blk Jon x 3

This was the Setup for the first night.

Giggle face

Interested face

Stare game

Relaxing with some jameson, you know the life.

Heineken hat


Its the corona pants

Yahhh.. More smores

They might be burnt, im not sure.

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