Friday, October 2, 2009

Well the sucklord is at it again Tomorrow night. Get with me if you want.From the SL himself:"STAR WARS GALAXY 4 CUSTOM SKETCH CARD SHOW AND AUCTION!OCTOBER 2 at APW GALLERY LONG ISLAND CITY NEW YORK 6 - 9 PMHuh?What, you don't know what that is? Well earlier this year, TOPPS, yesTOPPS the venerable institution of American Trading cards asked me tocurate a series of actual STAR WARS fucking trading cards. It was to bepart of a new set called STAR WARS GALAXY, a series of art-based StarWars cards. The batch that I organized were to be a ground-breaking (soI'm told) series of die-cut sketch cards.Sketch cards are all the rage in trading cards these days. What they areis blank trading cards that are distributed to professional artists todraw on. Then the actual drawings are blind packed in with the regularcards and the collectors go nuts trying to find them all. It's veryexciting. The set I put together was a new direction for Topps for tworeasons:1) They are die-cut in the shape of Darth Vader and Stormtrooper helmetsas opposed to the usual rectangles.2) They asked ME of all people to draw upon my stable of undergroundweirdos to do the drawings instead of their usual gang of establishedprofessionals. The results of this experimental effort yielded a wideranging assortment of original, often abstract artwork that was actuallyquite a hit with the fringe groups who actually care about this stuff.NOW, we have a huge sampling of these cards up for display and auction atAPW gallery in Queens NYC. On October 2nd (this Friday) you are invitedto come out, see the work, place some bids, and get a cool buzz going withmore free beer from our pals at BEERLAO."

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