Sunday, July 12, 2009

Kautolives2084's crew were in town getting rowdy for the past 4 days.
So much went down its hard to remember what all happen.
Goodtimes on the regs.

Good ol stairwell b sesh was jumping off the first night.

Then it was off to sottos for Alison's birthday bash.

Get buck

Birthday girl


Bubba was back and the hill bomb was about to get started.

Nick gave some of us a ride up to the top of the hill
in his sweet van.

All in?

Kurtz was blitzed

Along with bubba

Mike had time to get a little nap in before the top.

Ballins and colby were discussing which way to take back down to

The Long Island boys made it up for the bomb.

Ballins is always down for some bombing.

The crew gathering for take off.

Luke trying to figure out where to go.


After bombing it was back to sottos for some shotgunning.

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